About me

2+ decades of experience and product acumen working for your success


My Background

I am an experienced Product Executive, leading software teams and products for 20+ years. My experience crosses industries, company sizes, and business models. 

I serve as a member of the Advisory Board for startup companies, and as a mentor in multiple accelerators. 

I teach and write about product leadership and I’m a regular top-rated speaker at professional conferences and panels.

Product Leadership Roles

I was VP Product @ Twiggle in its first years, Head of Product @ eBay Israel where I built and led the product team of eBay’s Structured Data Group in Israel, and Senior PM @ Imperva – leading one of its two core products in the 3 years preceding the  successful IPO in 2011. 


From eCommerce to cyber-security, from 13 people to 30,000 and everything in between, I managed enterprise B2B products selling to the largest companies in the world, B2C products serving hundreds of millions of users, and combined the best of both worlds in B2B2C models. 

Backed by a rich R&D background originating from the IDF’s Computing and Cyber Defense Academy (AKA MAMRAM), I am an expert in AI, Big Data, and Deep Technology products.

Teaching and Writing

I co-created and delivered the product management course in the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship in IDC (Israel’s first private university), and I am part of the organizing team of Israel’s largest annual product conference Product Excellence.

I wrote an e-book about product-market fit, and am a regular contributor to magazines like PM Insider and Product Coalition.

Executive Mentoring & Consulting

My consulting firm specializes in consulting and mentoring product executives and CEOs. I’m helping companies reach product-market fit, build world-class product organizations and make the product org a strategic pillar in the company management. 

The participants in my programs also benefit from my 15 years of personal and professional coaching experience, in which I have been constantly taking people to their next level.


B.Sc. ​

Mathematics and Computer Science
(Magna Cum Laude)
From Tel-Aviv University


Specialization in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
(Cum Laude)
From Tel-Aviv University

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