“Noa is a knowledgeable, brilliant speaker. She spoke to a room full of founders very last minute and still received 9.55/10 on Product-Market Fit. Absolutely a pleasure to meet her and to work with her!”

Esther Lee

Head of Curriculum, WeWork Labs

The Journey to Product-Market Fit

Product-Market fit is the holy grail for any product. We all want to get our products and companies there as fast as possible. In this lecture, I share the industry’s best advice on what this process really looks like, as well as a unique framework I developed after helping a variety of companies create the products the market really needs. 

For further advice on how to get there faster download the free guide “Speed Up the Journey to Product-Market Fit” available here.


Data-Driven Product Management

Data-driven product management existed far before data did – at least data as we know it today. In this lecture, I share from my experience how to make smart decisions using data, what you should be aware of, how to use data for communication and even as a selling tool. This lecture includes examples from in the B2B, B2C, and B2B2C worlds, and reviews a variety of frameworks needed for each of them.

Big-Data Challenges in eCommerce

Big-Data is a very powerful tool, enabler of almost magical products. But doing magic is not easy, and behind the scenes, there are many complications and fine details that change everything. In this lecture, I am taking the audience into the magic behind the magic – what working with big data really looks like, using examples from my experience as Head of Product for the eBay development center in Israel and VP Product at Twiggle, and helping the world’s largest shops organize their big data so that it is meaningful and useful.

The 24/7 Product Manager

Time management for product managers

Hebrew | Free Recording

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

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