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The Next Level

A practical mentoring program for excellent product companies

What Is The Next Level?

The Next Level is an all-inclusive, hands-on, guided mentoring program designed to help product leaders at all levels achieve a breakthrough in their day to day conduct and up their product skills. As a result, the companies participating in the program deliver the right product to the market, faster.

The program provides a holistic 360˚ perspective and training – including soft skills, answering specific product questions, practical frameworks used by world-class product teams, preparing for important meetings and presentations, and creating the right mindset for successful product leadership. 

Within 3 months at most, you will be operating at a whole new level.

Who Is It For?

The Next Level program is for companies who know that every day they are not working on the right product (or not doing it right) is a huge waste of time and money. It is for companies who want to see results fast and have a strong product leader who can deliver these results.

The program is for product leaders who are hungry for success. You must already have product management experience, and need to be in an active product leadership role during the program.

Which Results Can You Expect?

Clearly articulated value proposition and strategic roadmap

Well defined product KPIs

Focus and alignment of the entire company

Collaborative working processes

A breakthrough in executive communication and strategic thinking

A mature approach to product-market fit

What Do You Need to Do?

How Can You Know If It’s Right for You and Your Company?

If after the first 2 sessions you feel the program is not delivering the value you expected, you can stop your participation and you will not be charged anything. I am here to take you to the next level, whenever you are ready.


Deliver the Right Product to the Market, Faster

The next level is closer than you think

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