Do Your Meetings Serve You Well?

As product managers, you most likely spend your day in and out of meetings. This is how we make things happen. This simple tip can revolutionize your effectiveness and help you make the most out of the meetings you are having anyway.

The Roadmap Dilemma

Your roadmap will change. That’s given. On the other hand, it takes so much time and effort to build one. Is it still worth it?

How to Quickly Adjust Your Strategy to the New Reality

As the world is slowly starting to come out of the health crisis, many businesses are rethinking where they should go and how. Many of the companies I work with need to readjust their product strategy, either because of force reduction or because of the change in the market itself. Let’s see how to do it fast enough.

Why Every VP Product Needs a Mentor

Women approach me for mentoring much more frequently than men. Is it a problem or something to learn from? I believe it’s the latter, and International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to acknowledge it and explain why.